I gangsters di Piccadilly (1960)

John Cummings, an unsuccessful cosmetics salesman, has his unpaid-for car stolen by one of the hoods in the employ of Lionel Meadows, the sadistic organizer of a London car conversion racket. The car was not insured, and since the police appear indifferent to his plight, Cummings decides to find it himself -- and gets himself involved in an underworld battle.

Genere: Film / Thriller / Gangster

Anno: 1960

Paese: Gran Bretagna

Regia: John Guillermin

Attori: Richard Todd, Peter Sellers, Elizabeth Sellars, Adam Faith, Carol White, Mervyn Johns, Noel Willman, David Lodge, John Bailey

Durata: 90

Traduzione: Italiano

I gangsters di Piccadilly

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I gangsters di Piccadilly
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